Компания Valve в очередной раз проабдейтила через Steam игру Counter-Strike Source. Под горячую руку попался так же и Source Engine. Изменений много. Вот вам краткий список на английском языке:

Counter-Strike: Source

Added buy favorite system
Added location names to voice chat
Soundscape files will be loaded properly for custom maps
Fixed tinnitus effect for HE grenades playing twice
Fixed the Five-Seven's price not matching the value in the buy menu
Fixed case where money and chat HUD icons sometimes being the wrong color at round start
Target IDs will no longer show when mp_fadetoblack is active
When mp_humanteam is active human teams will be allowed to spectate
The "hostage" field of the "hostage_rescued" event is filled in correctly
Equipping the silencer is canceled if the player switches weapons
Fixed problems with the hostage shack door in cs_compound
Fixed "Hostage Rescue Zone" not showing up properly in chat and under the radar
Players can only change their names once every 10 seconds, with a max of 5 times every 10 minutes
"Enemy Spotted" hint text doesn't show for players behind smoke clouds
Flashbang effect can't be reduced by hitting escape or turning off the HUD

Source Engine

Fixed registry handle leak in VCR mode
Added explicit engine error when trying to render too many decals in a frame
Sound files will work properly when in a packfile now.

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